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PACECO Corp. manufactures and develops equipment that enables ports to handle cargo productively, efficiently, and reliably. Our trademarked cranes, the PORTAINER crane for vessel handling, and the TRANSTAINER crane for yardside handling, are recognized by the port industry as the highest quality cranes available. PACECO Corp. additionally develops technologies to improve cargo security, environmental friendliness, as well as software integration with other terminal systems.
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The Cable Reel Carrier allows fully electrified RTG operations with minimal modifications, allowing more environmentally friendly yard operations.

PACECO ® Corp. and its licensees have refined the Transtainer crane design and have developed technologies that enhance efficiency, productivity and safety.

Timelapse video of a crane raise modification at the Port of Oakland. Project involved 3 Container Cranes for an additional 20 ft in lifting height increase with the PACECO Jacking Tower.
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